Warum nicht alle Säfte vegan sind – kaltgepresste Säfte dagegen schon!

Why not all juices are vegan - cold -pressed juices!

People who consistently do without meat and dairy products are very interested in the fact that food is correct. Is it even possible to find your way around the daily supermarket jungle? The big problem is that not all ingredients have to be declared in the food industry.

Why is that and especially why do certain ingredients don't have to be declared?

First of all, two terms have to be distinguished: ingredients are substances that are actually included in the product. Processing aid substances are substances that are mixed in the processing process but are no longer included in the end product. Therefore, according to the legislator, they do not have to be explicitly mentioned on the packaging. A popular processing aid for juices is gelatin. Gelatin is a substance that is produced from animal proteins, which is mainly obtained from pigs and cattle. Gelatin does not have to be mentioned on the label, since it is no longer measurable in the end product.

Why is gelatin used in the beverage industry?

With the help of gelatin it is possible to clarify cloudy juices, such as the crystal -clear apple juices from the supermarket. In cold -pressed juices, the cloudy in the juice and the setting are to be understood as a quality feature. Gelatin is most common in apple juice. However, there are people who do not consume a gelatin in principle and thus consider it important to be informed about it. Vegans and Muslims would not buy the product, if declared correct. Therefore, we are firmly convinced that it is important for many consumers to declare processing aid. In our juice manufacturer we never use processing aid substances. That is the first principle in our philosophy. In the near future we will therefore equip our cold-pressed juices with the V-label (vegan label).

What is Velcorin and why is drinks added?

Not only gelatin is often used in the beverage industry as a processing aid, but also Velcorin. Velcorin is a highly poisonous and popular chemical disinfectant in the beverage industry. It is mainly used to kill germs. After a few days, the poison evaporates. According to research, residues are harmless. Not all use this fabric to keep your drinks super sterile. According to our research, we were very surprised at the prevailing declaration policy and believe that everyone who uses such substances should also declare them.

LiveFresh loves cold -pressed juices.

We claim that at least 90% of all juices on the market that are durable for longer are heated at high temperatures and then moved with artificial additives. At LiveFresh we consistently do without additives & heat. We only use the natural fruit so that the taste of ourscold -pressed juices can vary something depending on the season and origin. We see this feature as a clear quality feature, which it should be in today's diversity of dishonest products.

Cold -pressed juices are 100% vegan and never heated.

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