8 Tipps wie Du Deine Winterpfunde loswirst

8 tips on how to get rid of your winter pounds

Around 40% of all Germans start the year with good intentions: Quitting smoking comes first, followed by losing weight. We will focus on the latter in this blog post. But how can you tackle this resolution in a sustainable and healthy way?

First of all, you should define your own why and your goal. The why is the driving force behind your motivation, the reason why you do or don't do something. Many people chase after goals that are set for them by others but don't make them happy themselves. So if your why is "So that others no longer think I'm too fat", this is probably not enough to give you an inner drive. So find out what makes you happy in life and look for your personal why right here. It could be your health, a completely new body and lifestyle or something completely different. Only if you know what really makes you happy can you also know what drives you. It is important that you clearly define this why and always keep it in mind. You can find out more about how you can not only approach your goals with motivation, but also how you can set goals correctly and implement them successfully in the long term in our blog post More than just motivated - how to set and achieve goals.

Once you have defined your why and your goal, we now have 8 tipsthat will help you shed your winter pounds in the long term and feel healthier and fitter at the same time.

1. get started

    To initiate a healthy diet and lifestyle change, you can start with a juice cleansewhere you only drink juices or juice shakes made from juice, vegan protein and high-quality linseed oil for a few days. After that, most people find it easier to listen to their feelings of hunger and satiety. You can choose between a classic juice cleanse or a full-fledged juice cleanse choose - start with a juice cleanseget started and give your body a reset!

    2. eat a diet higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates

    Protein keeps you full, can boost your metabolism and can therefore help you lose weight. This is why protein-rich foods such as fish, meat, eggs, pulses and vegan protein-rich meat alternatives are so important for getting the body back into shape. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends that adults consume 0.8 - 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight every day. The protein requirement is even higher for athletes. The diet should therefore include plenty of protein sources after winter at the latest. To achieve this, the proportion of carbohydrate-rich foods, such as pasta, bread, potatoes, rice and sugary foods, should be reduced. 

    The food cleanse is the ideal solution for sustainable weight loss and supports you in your holistic dietary change. The whole thing is based on low carb & high protein products, which are an absolute all-round carefree package for your maximum success. In the morning you eat a delicious porridge and drink a Happy Lemon juice. At lunchtime you have a drink and a snack. In the evening, you round off the day with a warm, delicious & super healthy meal and treat yourself to a Sunshine Berry shot. You can also enjoy another drinkable meal at any time. Well-fed and supplied with all the vitamins and minerals you need, you say goodbye to excess pounds and get a lot closer to your feel-good figure.

    3. replace raw food with cooked vegetables in the winter months

      Women in particular tend to reach for salads when they want to eat a more figure-conscious diet. However, especially in winter, the body needs warming and easily digestible foods to boost the metabolism. Light vegetable soups, for example, are better than just salads. So don't be afraid to prepare hot meals several times a day.

      4. more movement in everyday life

        It doesn't have to be top sporting achievements, it is often enough to integrate more movement into your everyday life. Examples include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, cycling to work instead of driving or simply going for a walk in your free time and avoiding watching TV. You can find out more about this topic in our blog post Incorporating sport into everyday life - tips and exercises.

        Many people also think that only endurance training is important for weight loss. However, this is not the case. Targeted strength training builds up muscles, which increase the body's overall calorie requirement and can continue to burn fat even during rest periods.

        5. drink enough

          You should drink at least 2 liters of water per day. A large glass of lukewarm water is particularly effective against cravings. You should mainly drink water and unsweetened tea.

          6. pay attention to the feeling of hunger and satiety

            Only eat when you are really hungry. You should eat slowly and in a relaxed manner, chewing 30 to 50 times. You should also eat consciously, i.e. not distracted by discussions, television or newspapers. This improves digestion, nutrient absorption and, above all, satiety. As already mentioned in tip 1, a juice cleanse can help you to (re)get to know your feelings of hunger and satiety and thus change your eating habits in the long term.

            People who eat slowly usually consume fewer calories. This is because the pleasure is increased and you feel more satisfied and satiated after a meal. The brain needs some time before it signals that enough has been eaten.

            Mindful and intuitive eating is a long-term and actually lifelong solution. It means learning to listen to your body's signals and only eating when you are hungry. To get full enough, you should focus mainly on nutritious foods that provide you with energy, nutrients and filling volume. Eating intuitively is the only way to lose weight in the long term and it is a slow and steady process.

            7. take your time and don't put yourself under pressure

              Of course you want to get back to your desired weight as quickly as possible - but the winter kilos are not so easy to work off. Although many diets promise weight loss in a short time, they are not successful in the long term. The rapid weight loss after so-called flash or crash diets is usually due to loss of tissue water and loss of muscle mass (protein breakdown). Fat deposits and internal abdominal fat remain untouched for a longer period of time. However, less muscle mass also means lower energy consumption and therefore a lower need for food energy. The right nutrient intake during the diet is important for sustainable weight loss. For example, a sufficient amount of protein prevents muscle mass from being broken down. Vitamins and minerals should also be consumed in sufficient quantities so that the body is not starved of nutrients and runs on empty. The food cleanse has been scientifically developed to help you lose weight in the long term and you can rest assured that these important points are covered.  

              However, if you continue to eat as before after losing weight, the excess energy is stored as fat and this yo-yo effect makes you lose weight. success. The nuts and bolts of sensible weight loss therefore include 4 plausible requirements:

              • optimal composition of meals with sufficient proteins,
              • slow weight loss without periods of hunger,
              • long-term change in eating habits,
              • Increase in physical exercise to build muscle.

              Many diets do not take into account a sustainable change of habits and are only interested in quick results. The food cleanse is the ideal support for you to lose weight sustainably, as you will not go hungry during the cure and will be optimally nourished. Of course, it is also important to stay on the ball afterwards! On our blog you will find suitable & delicious recipes for afterwards and you have the opportunity to healthy meals as a bundle. These can be perfectly integrated into your everyday life and are super quick to prepare. It is important that you avoid fast carbohydrates (sweets, white flour), as these are likely to cause cravings due to the rise in blood sugar. It is also important that you eat enough protein and high-quality fats.

              8. reduce stress

              Stress has an impact on your body composition as it affects your hormone balance. Short-term stress is not a problem. However, long-term stress that exhausts you and makes you feel stressed can cause major problems. This increases inflammatory factors, fat storage in the liver, acidification of the cells and muscle loss. It also disrupts the burning of sugar and leads to more hunger and cravings. You will therefore do yourself the most good if you reduce your stress levels and say "no" to new tasks or appointments. Also find out what relaxes you best and reduces your stress levels and incorporate more of this into your everyday life. This could be going for a walk during your lunch break or exercising in the evening, for example. Yoga is also a good option. There are many different variations, from calm to very vigorous. Our expert Lisa tells you in our blog post Yoga for beginners - basic knowledge, tips & yoga exercises the most important information, tips and a first yoga session.

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